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Digging Potatoes II

On Aug 14 we dug the Red Sangre potatoes in the olla bed.

Red Sangre Summary

2009: Planted April 11, harvested Sept 4, 9.5# from 12 seeds, 0.8 #/seed
2010: Planted April 16, harvested Aug 30, 9.75# from 6 seeds, 1.6 #/seed

Compare this with the russett results from July 27: Continue reading

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Control Plots for Ollas

They won’t be perfect. I planted the control plot of potatoes one month later than the olla plot. And the control cucumbers were inside the house for an extra week, where they got a head start on flowering. It won’t … Continue reading

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Planting my first garden ollas

After nearly 2 years of mulling, planning, and anticipation, I planted my homemade ollas this week. I have no idea if they will work – the walls are quite thick compared to the commercial ones I’ve seen online and I don’t know how porous my pots are. Yes, I could have tested this, but I was too impatient Continue reading

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