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A cry for honeybee help

What do you do with dead bees? I don’t mean the steady trickle of bees who have lived out their useful lives. I mean couches of bees in fungal shrouds. The ‘uh-oh, my bees are dying’ kind of dead bees. … Continue reading

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Holy Shiitake Mushroom Log!

Three years ago we bought shiitake mushroom spawn. The instructions recommended hardwood, specifically oak, as a substrate. Biking around town we found an oak tree chopped into logs on someone’s lawn. We knocked on the door, obtained permission from a … Continue reading

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“Our world is so full of beautiful things…”

“Our world is so full of beautiful things: Fruit and ideas, and woman and banjo music, and onion with purple skins.” ~Edward Abbey in ‘Every River I Touch Turns to Heartbreak’. And potatoes with purple skins and purple flesh as … Continue reading

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