Earliest garlic harvest


I keep records.  Of all sorts of things.  The goings-on in the garden is just one of them.

Harvesting garlic is an garden highlight, so it usually gets recorded.

This year is the earliest I have ever harvested garlic here in Seattle.  How early was it?

This year’s harvest was on June 3.  That is two weeks earlier than the next closest date (incidentally, last year).

Much more impressively, this year’s harvest was SIX WEEKS earlier than the median date that I have harvested garlic over the past 16 years!

Is this climate change?

Photo Jun 02, 3 09 32 PM

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2 Responses to Earliest garlic harvest

  1. kerrysgarden says:

    Only my second year growing garlic in the PNW and I’m thinking mine will also be ready earlier than last year (early July). What varieties are you growing?

    • jkmcintyre says:

      Hi Kerrysgarden! I have no idea what varieties. Some are hardneck, some softneck, some purple-skinned, some white. I usually just plan whatever I have that looks good in October. One time I had to buy some new stock: Spanish roja, Inchelium, and German Red. Plus some large cloves from grocery-store bought bulbs. Did you plan from last year’s crop?

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