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Cleaning out the Combs

In November, we harvested the full honey combs from the hive that died of exposure during a bad fall storm. It was our first experience extracting honey – and from a top bar hive at that.  In all, we crushed … Continue reading

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Earliest garlic harvest

I keep records.  Of all sorts of things.  The goings-on in the garden is just one of them. Harvesting garlic is an garden highlight, so it usually gets recorded. This year is the earliest I have ever harvested garlic here … Continue reading

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That Honey Looks a Little Funny…

So, flash forward several months after the honey harvest, and not only has the honey crystallized to an opaque creamy yellow, but threads of white appear to mar the surface of several jars. I finally ask the Googles about it … Continue reading

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Dead Bee Honey

Sooooo….our bees died.  Again.  Sadly, the first hive that expired was on us.  I have yet to make a decent lid for the hive.  So one stormy night, the lid blew off and water made its way into the hive.  … Continue reading

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