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[caption id="attachment_139" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The original coop door - R.I.P. The original coop door – R.I.P.[/caption]
Ah, the chicken coop door. The times we’ve neglected to shut it. The times we’ve forgotten. The times we thought we did, but didn’t. The times it was out for repair. Over the years we have unnecessarily lost 5 hens to raccoons Continue reading

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The Broken Chicken

We raised six baby chicks this year (April & May). It’s looking like 5 of them are roos. When the chicks are a few weeks old, they are small and independent enough to fit through the gate of the chicken … Continue reading

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Ladybug Rescue

We all know what ladybugs (aka lady beetles) look like. Many of us gardener types also know that they are voracious predators of aphids – fascinating little sap-sucking pests of tender young plants and fruit trees. This spring our Italian … Continue reading

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RIP Greta, Rocky, and Golden Chicken

This morning the hens were making an awful racket. Calamity Jane would not get down from the top roost of the coop. Later in the morning the hens and chicks were all up on the outdoor roosts and CJ would … Continue reading

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