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How not to plant seeds

Last month I got lazy.  I put beans in the ground and then waited for it to rain.  Eventually it did.  Then I waited for the bean plants to emerge.  This should take 10-14 days.  Mine took longer and germination … Continue reading

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A Big Ham Bone is Surely Sweet

My tia Connie made a homemade ham bone & split pea soup last winter. I didn’t think I liked split pea soup. I was wrong. Ever since then, I have been wanting to try making a hambone-based soup. Last week biking by The Swinery in West Seattle, it occured to me to stop and pick up something ‘ham’. That something turned out to be a ham hock.

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Ollas: Getting to the Root of the Matter

So, last post on ollas this year – promise!

When I dug up the ollas from the bean bed I was able to see that the roots of the bean plants had indeed grown in a solid mat around each olla. That is exactly what I was hoping for. Continue reading

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Beans Beans the Magical Fruit

Possibly the most exciting time of the garden year is when I pick my shelling beans. Planted in May when the soil gets nice and toasty, the bush beans grow like snap beans at first – and can be eaten as such if you are not waiting for the dry September jewels. Continue reading

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