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Magical Pit Stain Remover

It’s called ‘bleach’, my husband tells me.  But I was loathe to use it.  Besides potential environmental dangers, I remember using bleach to reverse ‘tie-dye’ t-shirts in high school.  If I left them in the bleach too long they would … Continue reading

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This is your hair off heroin

“Commercial shampoo and conditioner are like heroin for your hair” – Umbra They call it ‘no ‘poo’. No ‘poo is washing your hair without commercial shampoos and conditioners. Yes, an alternative to shampoo is soap. No, that is not what … Continue reading

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The Value of Making Dish Soap

Tonight I was thinking about value. We make money to pay people to make things for us; food, soap, goods. Most of us don’t have time to make things for ourselves. But the truth is that we choose not to. Division of duties can be good; I’m not very interested in making my own bicycle, nor do I think I’d be very good at it. Sometimes it is much better to pay someone skilled to make something for you. But often I’m paying for something that’s not even what I want Continue reading

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