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Olla Hand Building Class Spring 2013!

Yes! I will be teaching an olla hand-building class this spring at South Seattle Community College. The class will take place over two Saturdays; March 23 and March 30 from 10am-1pm. We will briefly go over the history and how-to … Continue reading

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Olla lids finally come home!

Clear, low-fire glaze over oxide stains and underglazes. Now the water in my ollas won’t evaporate. Not sure I’ll get this involved for my next ollas, but they sure are cute!

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Hand building an olla

Trying something new. I’m using low-fire clay bodies that mature at cone 04-1. RedArt Terra Cotta, RedArt with sand, and Terra Cotta (which has grog). I will fire them at our bisque temperature, cone 06 (~1000C), where I hope they will remain porous Continue reading

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Garden Ollas (O-Yahz)

I first read about using ollas in the garden from the DeVraies family, full-time urban homesteaders in Sacramento. They also made a good video of olla installation here.

I was immediately intrigued. “It rains a lot in Seattle”, but what few people know is that it doesn’t rain much, sometimes at all, during summer Continue reading

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