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Magical Pit Stain Remover

It’s called ‘bleach’, my husband tells me.  But I was loathe to use it.  Besides potential environmental dangers, I remember using bleach to reverse ‘tie-dye’ t-shirts in high school.  If I left them in the bleach too long they would … Continue reading

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Witch, cock, dwarf, luck, wind, fart

What do these words all have in common? Hold those bizarre interpretations – I’ll just tell you. They all have been used to describe a rare, tiny egg laid with little or no yolk. Instead, wind eggs contain albumin (the … Continue reading

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Homemade deodorant!

My friend and soul sister Erin is an inspiring scientist, educator, and renaissance woman. Erin taught me to make soap. For those of us with the I-want-to-learn-make-do affliction, that about says it all. When she told me about her homemade … Continue reading

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Chicken Food Fence

As in food, in a fence, for chickens. The goal of this project is two-fold: 1) Stop the chickens from scratching dirt all over the walkway through their run 2) Provide them with healthy green nibbles that they cannot destroy … Continue reading

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