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Mountains of Moo-Doo

Flipping through my garden notes, I see that I last amended my soil in March 2010. Oops. The poor harvest of 2012 and the reading of 0 mg/L N (even on the notoriously unreliable home soil kits) corroborate this oversight. … Continue reading

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More Composting Fences

SustainableScientist has been getting a lot of traffic this past year for the composting fence we built in 2009.  A lot of that traffic comes over from Willi Galloway’s DigginFood site, where she featured our fence during its construction. Currently, … Continue reading

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‘Bin Composting?

Finally! I took on the compost corner, strewn about by scratching chickens, and turned it into a tidy system. I’d been struggling with what to do about composting since we moved in. This would be my first opportunity to make compost, not just have food ever-decomposing in a large neglected pile Continue reading

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Fences that disappear

Trim, layer, trim, layer. That’s the sound of us filling our composting fence.

It took us about 45 min to dig hole, plant post, pack gravel, then string the wire mesh. Subsequently, we fill the fence at our leisure.

Drag over the pile of branches from the Japanese maple, break them down, drop them in. Trim the pine, layer the lovely needled limbs. Cut back the hedge, drop it in. Layer on layer to the top. Continue reading

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