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She did it!

April 19 and 20 the chicks hatched. Super Friend Kelly D was on-site to assist while we were biking in Moab, UT (that’s what happens when you purchase eggs, stick them under your broody hen, but do not count ahead … Continue reading

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Farmhouse Ravioli

Fresh eggs from the hen house, butternut squash from the pantry, kale and sage from the garden. Roast half a butternet squash, peeled and seeded Mix in blanched kale, sauteed minced onions, goat cheese, pinch of salt, dash of fresh … Continue reading

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Is 12 too many?

I told Farmer Bradley ‘a mixed dozen’, for no good reason. Maybe I was being greedy – so many breeds! When I sat Calamity Jane down upon her fertile eggs Tuesday, it finally occurred to me that 12 might be … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

[caption id="attachment_2024" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Calamity Jane is broody again Calamity Jane is broody again[/caption]

It’s Spring and Calamity Jane is broody again. Apparently this is her thing. None of the other 6 hens has shown an interest in sitting 24/7 in the nest box, waiting for chicks to magically appear beneath her. Continue reading

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