Farmhouse Ravioli

Fresh eggs from the hen house, butternut squash from the pantry, kale and sage from the garden.

Little ravioli dollops all in a row

Little ravioli dollops all in a row

  • Roast half a butternet squash, peeled and seeded
  • Mix in blanched kale, sauteed minced onions, goat cheese, pinch of salt, dash of fresh grated nutmeg
Butternut squash relleno (filling)

Butternut squash relleno (filling)

  • Mix 3 eggs into 1.5 cups of ‘white’ flour and 1/2 c of whole wheat flour
  • Add a couple of T of water and hand fold until it forms a dough
Alternative smoked salmon relleno

Alternative smoked salmon relleno

  • Roll long sheets of well-floured dough
  • Drop small dollops of filling along the dough
  • Fold dough over dollops
  • Seal edges, starting at the fold so no air pockets
  • Cut to preferred shape
Folded, pressed, and ready to cut

Folded, pressed, and ready to cut

  • Brown butter in a skillet
  • Add roasted pine nuts and chopped sage
Raviolis waiting for the pot

Raviolis waiting for the pot

  • Boil pot of water
  • Gently drop in raviolis
  • Lift out with slotted spoon after a few minutes
  • Cover with brown butter sauce
  • Sprinkle with finely grated Parmesan cheese and minced parsley


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5 Responses to Farmhouse Ravioli

  1. Greenlet says:

    That is SUCH a good idea for making the ravioli in terms of the strips of pasta dough–I’ve made homemade ravioli a few times now, but was cutting out circles and making stuffed crescents…your way looks MUCH easier and less time consuming!

  2. Greenlet says:

    Also, my recipe was very similar–where did you get it? Mine was from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison

    • jkmcintyre says:

      Hi Greenlet!
      Yes, the strips is way easier. I’ve done it that way since the first time I tried it – just made sense. The recipe is my own. I always just make up pasta proportions (1-2 eggs per 1-3 c flour) and fillings. I also like a sun-dried tomato, goat-cheesey one with fresh herbs.

  3. Nanc y McIntyre says:

    This looks SO delicious…can we come over for dinner? Really, can you make this for us when we come to Seattle in June?

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