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Feeding them Fodder, Slipping them Sprouts

I have been feeding our chickens sprouted grains now for a few weeks.  They are definitely a hit, but it’s not quite what I was expecting. I bought two 50# bags of grain: one barley, one oats.  The barley sprouts … Continue reading

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How To Plant Bean Seeds

Yes, watering makes all the difference. Last year I planted bean seeds without bother to water them (It’s going to rain tomorrow or the next day anyways…). But it doesn’t. Or not enough. By watering the seeds at planting, and … Continue reading

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The Olla Plan 2013

I have decided to focus my ongoing olla experiment on tomatoes this year. The past two years I grew 4 tomato plants per olla. The tomatoes grew, I did not get split skins from over/under-watering, but the plants sometimes seemed … Continue reading

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Starting Seeds Like a Pro

OK, ok.  Enough of this make-do seed starting nonsense.  Rearranging my tiny house to make use of the south-facing windows, too little light, inconsistent heat.  And trying to start seeds in cold frames was hit-and-miss (hit 2011, miss 2012). The … Continue reading

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