The Olla Plan 2013

Spacing tomatoes and ollas in raised beds

Spacing tomatoes and ollas in raised beds

I have decided to focus my ongoing olla experiment on tomatoes this year. The past two years I grew 4 tomato plants per olla. The tomatoes grew, I did not get split skins from over/under-watering, but the plants sometimes seemed stressed. This year I have decided to be generous, and give each plant more access to water. At two tomato plants per olla, I have used up most of my olla reserve just for the tomatoes. (Como siempre, I only made a few ollas, which does not cover my needs).

This year I am also using my own starts again. Having germinated with lights and heat like a pro and then transplanted to my cold frames for further grow out and hardening off, they are off to a good start for a change from the gangly starts of old.

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