Recent Inspirations

This list is chronological and incomplete, with most recent influences first.  I will try adding to this list as I am inspired in my quest for sustainability.

Better Off: Flipping the switch on technology. 2007. Eric Brende and his wife live 16 months without electricity in a rural traditional community to decide how much technology they do or do not need.

The Carbon Diaries 2015.  A wonderful young adult novel fictionalizing sweeping carbon reduction measures in the U.K.

Chefs on the Farm, the story (and recipes and photos) of Quillisascut farm school.

Farm City

Omnivore’s Dilemma (then In Defense of Food and Food Rules)

Everything I Want to do is Illegal and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms generally (although not entirely)

No Impact Man I found his blog inspirational while he was working on the No Impact project.  Afterwards, I read his book recounting the project as well as the documentary.  The book contains lots of things I already knew – lots of ‘teachables’ about environmentalism and the need for it.  I was more interested in the personal stories of his quest.

On Good Land describing the story of the urban L.A.-area Fairview Gardens

Take Back Your Time, the book describing the movement

Plenty (aka The 100-Mile Diet)

Animal Vegetable Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver’s story of a year in the food-life of her family upon moving from the U.S. Southwest to a family farm in Appalachia.

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    Jen! Post an entry about graduating!!!

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