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That Honey Looks a Little Funny…

So, flash forward several months after the honey harvest, and not only has the honey crystallized to an opaque creamy yellow, but threads of white appear to mar the surface of several jars. I finally ask the Googles about it … Continue reading

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[caption id="attachment_139" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The original coop door - R.I.P. The original coop door – R.I.P.[/caption]
Ah, the chicken coop door. The times we’ve neglected to shut it. The times we’ve forgotten. The times we thought we did, but didn’t. The times it was out for repair. Over the years we have unnecessarily lost 5 hens to raccoons Continue reading

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Is it so much to ask?

Dear humans, Is it so much to ask that you protect us from the things that go bump in the night? From the beasts with teeth that bite and tear and kill? Is it so much to ask? Sincerely, Your … Continue reading

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Scratch & Peck 101

It is cool today. The chicks are 48-h old. Momma is up out of the nest box teaching her chicks how to make their living. Lesson one: Scratch and Peck. Unfortunately, the spot she has chosen is exceedingly muddy and … Continue reading

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