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Broken For You

Broken for you, by Stephanie Kallos, is a wonderful book I just finished reading.

Broken for you, by Mother Nature, is what happens to the bottles in your bottle wall if you don’t cap them. Continue reading

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My fence is having an erection

… or maybe my cucumber plant is just happy to see me?

Gardening isn’t often funny, so I couldn’t pass this up. Continue reading

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‘Bin Composting?

Finally! I took on the compost corner, strewn about by scratching chickens, and turned it into a tidy system. I’d been struggling with what to do about composting since we moved in. This would be my first opportunity to make compost, not just have food ever-decomposing in a large neglected pile Continue reading

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The Garden Gargantuan

OK, no stories cause there’s too much going on. Instead, photo overview of happenings ’round the homestead. Click on each photo to see it enlarged.

Cherries!!! Another few weeks and they’ll be ripe – but I’m snacking on them already.

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