Broken For You

Broken for you, by Stephanie Kallos, is a wonderful book I just finished reading.

Broken for you, by Mother Nature, is what happens to the bottles in your bottle wall if you don’t cap them.

To be more specific: Rain + freezing temperatures = shattered glass

Yes, this happened last year. No, I did not learn.

I did start collecting caps and snapping them onto bottles, but it is dull work, and makes the bottles less attractive (imho), so I haven’t gotten very far.

The only upside to collecting the shattered fragments and mentally kicking myself was the fantastic ice shapes that emerged from the broken bottles.

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3 Responses to Broken For You

  1. Tobi says:

    Too bad the ice bottles won’t stay!!

  2. Leslie Reed says:

    display the bottles upside down? instead of capping, you probably already thought of that;)

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