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Dumb Cluck

“Cluck – cluck – cluck…” goes the broody hen.  If the weather is good I open the door of her broody box, and after a minute she makes a big squawking show of taking a walk. She flaps her wings, … Continue reading

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Exercising is Beyond Ridiculous

So I’m reading this book ‘The Human-Powered Home‘, cause I thought it would be fun to run some motors off pedal power. The book begins with a brief history of human-powered devices, moving from hand-cranked water spirals to human powered … Continue reading

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Pay Your Weigh

On May 21, 2008, American Airlines announced its plan to follow the lead of European airlines and charge customers a fee for each checked bag. This is not a particularly good solution to increased fuel costs. It penalizes those of … Continue reading

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Brave New Food

I’ve never been keen on the idea but now I’ve decided: GM foods are scary. Currently, most genetically-modified (GM) food is corn and soybeans. Sure, there are other foods that have been GM; tomatoes, potatoes, papaya, cotton, squash, and beets, … Continue reading

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