The Garden Gargantuan

OK, no stories cause there’s too much going on. Instead, photo overview of happenings ’round the homestead. Click on each photo to see it enlarged.

Cherries!!! Another few weeks and they’ll be ripe – but I’m snacking on them already.

Chicken who knows she’s not supposed to be in the house…

Cucumber flowering against bottle wall

Tomatoes by bottle wall. Flowers on all and first fruit set on Stupice.

First melon plant attempt. First tendrils appear.

Garlic wanting to bloom

Garlic scapes for omelettes…yum!

Greta’s double yolker with garlic scapes and kale made a perfect meal for the two of us

Beautiful fennel plant – my first year growing – yum roasted fennel…

Garden madness!

Trellising peas, tomatoes, squashes, beans! Without having to work so hard to combat gravity, plants really do grow faster.

Squashes galore. I’m growing a variety of winter and summer squashes this year. High hopes for summer grilling and winter soups.

First potato flowers! Plants have topped the 16″ potato boxes and will now make tubers.

Wee art project – casting the maple shadow against the house.

First strawberries! Saved up enough for strawberry shortcake last night. So good, Scott didn’t even miss the whipped cream I forgot to make. I planted two varieties (Tristar and Seascape) but of course forgot to mark which was which. Now I want to know cause one variety makes large strawberries, the other small. [I think it is Seascape that is the larger, tarter variety.  Tristar is smaller and sweeter.]

Trellising beans with old twigs – Tiger’s eyes that weren’t supposed to vine! I also have bushy-looking squashes that were supposed to vine and aren’t.

I hope to have more project postings soon. Besides the endless walkway project, we’re working on arbours for the wee backyard, and a compost bin. More soon!

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1 Response to The Garden Gargantuan

  1. Tobi says:

    How exciting! Don't you just love watching things grow? 🙂

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