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Burgandy Beauties

Royal Burgandy Beans!

These lovely beans are dark purple, but bright green just under the skin. The purple pigment is a built-in indicator of done-ness in the kitchen – the whole bean turns green when ready to eat. Often I steam my beans, or put them through a light boil. The purple slowly fades to green. When we sauteed them the other day (with our freshly harvested garlic – YUM!), some spots were cooking and others were not – creating these gorgeous purple-and-green patterns on the beans. We left some of them with purple blotches, but they were indeed not quite cooked!

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The Black Aphid

Black aphids love nasturtiums. Love them to death, in my case. I’d never seen a black aphid before I planted nasturtiums last year. They didn’t appear to move beyond my nasturtiums, so I simply observed.

I have been using nasturtiums in the garden as a natural pest control. They “repel squash bugs and whiteflies and draw beneficial insects”, according to one of my books. What I couldn’t decide last year was if nasturtiums drew pests away from my other plants or if they drew pests to the garden more generally, serving as a jumping off point. Continue reading

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Big & Bright

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