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Canned tomatoes or spaghetti sauce?

Every year I process a dozen or so quarts of tomatoes. Some are used in stews or soups, but most get cooked down into rich spaghetti sauces as needed throughout the year. But we were finding, to my disappointment, that … Continue reading

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Mountains of Moo-Doo

Flipping through my garden notes, I see that I last amended my soil in March 2010. Oops. The poor harvest of 2012 and the reading of 0 mg/L N (even on the notoriously unreliable home soil kits) corroborate this oversight. … Continue reading

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Hoppity Hops!

[caption id="attachment_1737" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Hops at the pub Hops growing outside the pub[/caption]

Our local pub grows hop vines around its patio. Scott, ever one to simply ask, inquired as to whether we could pick some. Yes, but please limit yourselves to one grocery bag. And so we found ourselves along the sidewalk and parking lot of the pub on a busy evening Continue reading

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Grape Juice

First grapes on the Agria vine we planted in Spring 2011.  As Raintree promised, it fruited early, growing luscious dark globelets.  I like sour fruit, so I have been tasting the grapes for a few weeks now.  Last week they … Continue reading

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