“Our world is so full of beautiful things…”

“Our world is so full of beautiful things: Fruit and ideas, and woman and banjo music, and onion with purple skins.” ~Edward Abbey in ‘Every River I Touch Turns to Heartbreak’.

And potatoes with purple skins and purple flesh as well!

Yesterday was Sunday and so I made time amid my pleasant fire-side reading to bundle up for the cold and the drizzle and bike down to the Ballard Farmers Market. It had rained earlier so my butt was wet by the time I reached the market but a dry spell allowed me the leisure of parking my bike and strolling the market, warmed by my ride over. We are lucky because our local market runs year-round, bringing us local produce, meat, and dairy even on rainy Sundays in winter! God bless the Pacific Northwest. About one quarter of the stands are craftsfolk – I saw felted wool hats in beautiful purples, ochres and blues, hand-crafted soaps and herbal products, seed jewelry, and knitted children’s toys. Another quarter of the stands feature yummy healthy ‘fast’ foods – chard quesadillas, spinach and cheese crepes, and local pastries. The other half of the stands are what I come for – food! There was a stand for local seafood, local fish, one for a farm selling meat and eggs, and many more offering what I have been missing this week – fruits and veggies. I bought several Anjou pears for the apple-pear-cranberry pie I’ll bring to Thanksgiving dinner, some staples of green onions and carrots, a gorgeous head of purple kale, and a pound of beautiful little purple potatoes (see photo above!).

For the first time I stopped at the stall featuring locally foraged fungi. All he had fresh Sunday were saffron milkcaps so I bought several, dinner beginning to form in my head: purple potato gnocchi with wild mushroom cream sauce, purple kale with bacon and onion, offset with gorgeous orange yams. Too bad I didn’t take my own photo cause the mushrooms were this lovely orangey brown, stained green where they had been bruised.

We’ve been getting into wild mushrooms. I highly recommend David Arora’s ‘All that the rain promises and more‘ for an entertaining pocket book on the subject of mushroom ID. Last weekend I mentioned we went mushrooming at Camp Long. We collected a variety of common edible mushrooms including angel wings and oyster mushrooms, blewit, chanterelle, woodlover, and our favourite – the shaggy parasol.

Here are some pics from that afternoon:

Can’t wait to get back out into the woods and find more pretty yummies!

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3 Responses to “Our world is so full of beautiful things…”

  1. google says:

    These are beautiful, indeed!Nice blog, spidey!

  2. asha says:

    That purple gnocchi is so rad!

  3. FishGirl says:

    Thanks. I’ve made gnocchi with orange yams as well. After making the purple gnocchi I thought how cool it would have been to have made two batches – one orange, one purple, then to mix them in the dish!

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