Control Plots for Ollas

They won’t be perfect. I planted the control plot of potatoes one month later than the olla plot. And the control cucumbers were inside the house for an extra week, where they got a head start on flowering.

It won’t be rigorous. I’m not going to measure how much water I use for olla plots vs control plots.

What I will do is water the control plot and fill ollas as needed. And I will compare how the plants fare and their productivity. If the olla plots do even just as well as the control plots, they will be a huge success cause they will have been much less work (and less water) than the traditional plots.

Potato Olla Plot

Potato Control Plot

Cucumber Olla Plot

Cucumber Control Plot

UPDATE: Read the end-of-season retrospective on ollas by potato!

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1 Response to Control Plots for Ollas

  1. Tob i says:

    If nothing else, they are truly nifty garden ornaments!

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