Wet Spring, Wet Summer?

It has been anomalously wet this spring. 22 days with rain in April, 21 in May, 15 in June. That’s about a week more rain each month than last year. I have watered the garden just once this spring. I can’t tell yet if my ollas are working. They just haven’t had to.

My cool crops have been happy (kale, bok choi, onions), but the rest have suffered and are much smaller than they should be by now. Some of my hot plants have been downright miserable (eggplant). The basil up and died.

Nonetheless, we move forward, delighting in what cometh.

——-How does your garden grow?———————–

Ching chiang (aka shanghai bok choi). I was so proud to produce these beautiful, delicious plants.

Flowers forming on the red sangre potatoes

Hungarian wax peppers


Blueberries! Raspberries and strawberries are already in.

Cucumbers on the new Marketmore variety

Tomatoes (right) coming along nicely despite the cool weather. Fennel (left) clam-happy.

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1 Response to Wet Spring, Wet Summer?

  1. Tobi says:

    Jen, that bok choi pic is gorgeous. Bet it tasted just as good!

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