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Kale Flowers Are Yummy

Last weekend a neighbour was surprised to learn that chickens eat foods other than grain. OK, fair enough. Except that he grew up on a farm. With chickens. It is a good reminder of the general ignorance in our industrial … Continue reading

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Every day the past few weeks, I would consider Roo. ‘Could this possibly be a hen?’ So pretty, with the bright red feathers.  Huge feet. Long amber feathers grew on his neck (called hackles, see diagram below), and the feathers … Continue reading

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Chicken Proselytizers

(photo from the West Seattle Blog!)

On Sunday, Scott and I volunteered at the Sustainable West Seattle Festival. I think we were the only booth not staffed by a business or nonprofit – just the two of us with our chicken passion. I got a little worried when we arrived to the colourful banners at all the other tables, but we put up a hasty hand-drawn sign, replete with cartoon chicken, and the people came anyhow Continue reading

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How Soap Works

The reason we need soap is that we wash our clothes, dishes, and bodies with water. Most ‘dirt’ is greasy from oils coming off our skin and food. Even if you’ve never studied chemistry you will have heard that oil … Continue reading

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