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Kale Flowers Are Yummy

Last weekend a neighbour was surprised to learn that chickens eat foods other than grain. OK, fair enough. Except that he grew up on a farm. With chickens. It is a good reminder of the general ignorance in our industrial … Continue reading

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Ants Continued

Mid-girdle above, full girdle below

It’s funny what people think they know about ants. I went to my local Farmer’s Market where there is a booth staffed by master gardeners. I wanted to see if they’d have suggestions Continue reading

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Ants on my Plants

Literally. It’s hard to see here, but each wee kale stem is crawling with ants, from about 1″ to down into the soil. The kale are wilting (though not very quickly), and the ants keep marching on – they’ve moved over to the next row of kale. Continue reading

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