Every day the past few weeks, I would consider Roo.

‘Could this possibly be a hen?’

So pretty, with the bright red feathers.  Huge feet. Long amber feathers grew on his neck (called hackles, see diagram below), and the feathers at the back of his saddle began to curl downward instead of lying flat like they do on a hen.

Yesterday morning, about 10 am, Roo started to crow.   He crowed about 12 times at about 40 second intervals.  It wasn’t terribly obnoxious and it was kind of sweet to watch him declare himself.  But he is still very young.

The breeder took him back that afternoon (for a nominal fee).  While we were there we again toured his yard where he raises Rhode Island Reds, Black Ameraucanas, Lavender Orphingtons, and, of course, Copper Black Marans.  Each in their own pen, we paused at the Marans.  The hens were dull; mostly black with some brown cape feathers.  We definitely did not have a hen.

The rooster, however, was magnificent.  Fully 30″ tall, his bright orange cape cascading over his shoulders.  Pendulous 3″ red wattles, long, curly sickles for tail feathers; red, copper, and black.  He was so amazing I forgot to take a photo.  At that size, I am sure his singing voice would be impressive. That would have been a lot of chicken to have in our wee yard.  Better luck next time.

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  1. nancy says:

    So sorry you had to ‘lose’ Roo, although, with that name, I suspect you suspected. Thank goodness you could return him, so you didn’t have to serve him in a pot and come up with another very creative meal! xoMom

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