Grilled Salmon with Preserved Lemons

I love me some wild salmon; indicators of healthy ecosystems, beautiful, nutritious, and, did I not mention – tasty.  Wild sockeye is on sale this week at the grocer. Scott brought home a half-trunk piece, gutted but otherwise whole. What to do? First I had to open the fish up so I had something to work with. With a sharp fillet-ish knife, I reached in to the spine and carved a larger cavity.

Preserved lemon, fresh raspberries and dill, sliced onions.

Typically, one would stuff the fish with lemons, at the very least. What I had was homemade preserved lemons. And onions, and fresh raspberries and dill from the garden. I lightly sprinkled the inside of the fish with coarse salt, layered the ingredients, then added a little cracked pepper.

Check out the uber-red flesh!

All wrapped up and ready for the grill

I tied the fish back together with string, and, per Tom Douglas’ suggestion, I lightly coated the fish with olive oil and dusted her with flour before placing her on a hot oiled grill.

I may have had the temp a little high, but after 20 minutes, she was perfection…

Grilled whole salmon with preserved lemons and garden goodies

We had the fish with fresh peas-in-the-pod tossed with buttered new potatoes…a bright and fresh summer meal!

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