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Considering Clays for Homemade Ollas

I have made 15 ollas now from 5 clay types, all fired at ‘bisque’ temperatures (cone 06 ~ 1000 degC); Akio, Sculpture Buff, Red Art, Red Art with Sand, Brown Terracotta. The Red Art ollas are beautiful, but became vitreous … Continue reading

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How not to plant seeds

Last month I got lazy.  I put beans in the ground and then waited for it to rain.  Eventually it did.  Then I waited for the bean plants to emerge.  This should take 10-14 days.  Mine took longer and germination … Continue reading

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Kale Flowers Are Yummy

Last weekend a neighbour was surprised to learn that chickens eat foods other than grain. OK, fair enough. Except that he grew up on a farm. With chickens. It is a good reminder of the general ignorance in our industrial … Continue reading

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Olla Report 2011

2011 was a poor garden year for me.  A new job (busy!) and the weather sucked (cold, wet). My tender young starts did not thrive. Twice the average rain in May, with very cool days, meant gardens throughout the Pacific … Continue reading

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