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Sprouting greens for chickens

[caption width="360" align="alignnone"] Successive sproutings of grains for the hens[/caption]

My chickens spent most of their time in a (large) enclosure that they have picked free of greens. I want them to be happy – and to produce healthy eggs, so I pick them dandelion leaves, I leave them piles of fresh cut grass. I mean to revisit the food fence and grazing frame, but then I saw this on Pinterest: sprouts.

I won’t extoll the benefits of sprouted grains here, but the list is long. Chickens can eat all parts of the sprouted grain, and Continue reading

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Tomato trellis 2014

What is the best way to grow tomatoes? The answer will partly depend on the variety grown and partly on the climate, but I think the descriptor ‘vines’ is part of the answer. Every garden year I challenge myself with … Continue reading

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Building Top Bar Bee Hives

Ready for the next challenge, we have taken on honey bees at our urban farmlet! Two classes from Seattle Tilth and one book later, I found myself building hives (just) in time for the arrival of our bees. The bees … Continue reading

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Making Bacon Soap

We eat a lot of bacon. Even our vegetarian meals tend to have a strip of bacon. And I save every drop of grease. How could I not? I grew up with a mug of bacon grease in the fridge for frying eggs in the morning. This was ironic because we otherwise avoided animal fats (the fat-free craze was gaining speed at that time). Instead we used Imperial Margarine (Canada’s premier butter-substitute) for baking and ‘buttering’. Except for potatoes and popcorn – those were butter. I guess my parents just made this stuff up… Continue reading

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