Hanging with our peeps

Scott has two peeps in his vest

Scott has two peeps in his vest

Like babies all over the world, chicks go to bed early. Whereas the big chickens hit the roost around dusk, the babies are in bed with momma by 5pm. For us it’s a great opportunity to hang out with them because 1) we can catch them 2) they’re a little dozey. Especially with momma hen raising them, it’s important that we try to socialize them – get them used to humans being big member of the flock.

Her Fluffiness Sweet Pea

Her Fluffiness Sweet Pea

The evenings are still very cool here, so when we took the babies away from momma last night, we stuffed them in our jackets. Cheep-cheep-cheep! I had Sweet Pea the First and she settled right down under my neck. The more active Blue Orpington kept popping its head between the snaps of Scott’s vest. Scott thinks its a big bother to have a broody hen, but these little babies have been a pleasure to have around.

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  1. Tobi says:

    Soooo cute!

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