Settling their differences

[Continuing the mini-drama ‘Here there be Roosters?‘]

Several hours after the fight, L snuzzles with me for some much needed attention

Rooroo and L kept facing off (albeit safely) while L was inside the broody box. When left utterly alone, L was distressed, so I look her out to visit for a spell. Her wound looked nasty, but the swelling was already down. I kept L in the box until after dark, then stashed her next to her mom on the roost in the big coop. Next morning I ran out at dawn to remove her, but it was still cold, and she protested, and, quite frankly, it was 5 am and I was too tired to insist.

When I checked in on them later that day, L and Rooroo were best friends; wandering about the yard hunting insects like Rooroo hadn’t practically pecked a hole through L’s head. Apparently they have settled their differences and Rooroo trumps L. For now.

L snoozing in a dirt and sun bath in the new mulch. I hate how they look dead and mangled when they do this!

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2 Responses to Settling their differences

  1. dad says:

    Good – a ‘happy’ ending — for now.

  2. Shelley says:

    Poor chicken! Glad to hear they’re settling their differences.

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