Here there be roosters?

At 4 weeks old our chicks have started establishing their pecking order. Rooroo’s little Red sister is pretty timid and I haven’t seen her in any dominance disputes, but L, the lovely Lavender Orpington, and Rooroo, the suspected rooster Red have been seen chest butting these past few days.

Baby L sleepy from her bloody battle(s) with Rooroo

Today, however, Scott saw L and Rooroo really going at it. Feathers flying, trance-like moments, and, finally, blood. When I got home L’s ear was a bloody mess; her face swollen and blotchy, her actual ear raw and bloody. She let me hold her and slept in my hand. I put neosporin on her ear and put her by herself in the broody box with food, water, and fresh bedding. But she is not happy. Quite distressed at being alone, I am not sure what to try next. I could isolate the aggressive Rooroo instead, but I am also worried that the other chickens will peck at her bloody ear.


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3 Responses to Here there be roosters?

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh Jen! How distressing for you! Will ask Dad to give advice if he has any suggestions…

  2. dad says:

    You are right about the other birds – they will like take a shot at her. They usually victimize a victim. As I recall many of the breeders clip the end of the break of the aggressive birds, You might “sand” it down a bit to see if that will help. From, your description, however, your wounded female stepped up to the plate and toughed it out with him. HOwever, she does look a bit the worse for wear.

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