One is the loneliest number

Baby chick found in nest box on Day 21 of incubation

This morning I found a beautiful, perfect, dead baby chick in the nest box with the fertilized eggs. Down still matted, eyes still shut tight. Calamity Jane, the would-be mother hen, was sitting on a clean empty nest next door.

What happened? Did it die of exposure? Was it trampled?

After removing the baby, CJ returned to the eggs with a little encouragement. The eggs are due to hatch today, 21 days after the eggs were laid. Five eggs to go. Will they hatch at all?

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3 Responses to One is the loneliest number

  1. Nancy says:

    ouch … it seems to be fully developed though. Primariparous females generally have a less than perfect first kick at the can. It will be interesting to see how it goes from here.
    xox daddy

  2. Oh dear. I hope the others are okay, for CJ!

  3. died from exposure or chilled as they call it others might hatch depends on how long she was off of them. Good luck with the hatch

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