Harbinger of Spring

Perhaps this is truly spring; when our hens start laying again. That’s right, today, for the first time since late fall, each of our lovely hens sat in the box and produced one beautiful, perfect egg apiece.

Last winter was hard – Greta and Baracka took the winter off to moult. Stolid Rocky kept at it, but it was meager – the reduced daylight meant she only lay about 3 per week. Breakfast was sometimes a matter of merit – “Who gets the egg today?”.

So we roll with it. We eat fewer eggs in the winter, becoming more accustomed to warm oatmeals and dense granolas. But we miss the eggs. Don’t get me wrong – we have not been completely without The Egg. This winter has been better. The girls took a much shorter vacation and I have rejoiced in that. But today was the first time this year that there were three in the box.

Hail The Coming of Spring…!

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