Spring pick-me-up

Gorgeous, sunny, warm days of outdoor work interspersed with dreary, cold, rainy days of planning. Here are some pics to keep us going on the latter.

I don’t know what this flowering plant is – like raspberry canes, but with no thorns. So cheerful! If you know it, write me!

Grape hyacinth – ever a spring wonder.

The first asparagus! Again. Though just as exciting a second time, the first ones this year were shredded – I think by crows. I think they were looking for nest materials and tried pulling them up. That might be a generous interpretation, but, hey, notice the ‘Jen’ in generous? (heehee)

The ‘cherry bed’ (because it sits at the foot of the cherry tree). It gets the winter sun so it’s a great place for winter greens and garlic. The arugula is starting to flower and I’m starting a second bed of greens under the ‘GrowGuard’. This bed will start to shade over soon as the cherry gets its leaves.

Rosemary in bloom. I recently moved my herbs from out by the street to just outside the back door – lovely to look at and easier to grab while cooking.

The ‘main garden’. We expanded to include another row and some more length. Worked in a good 3″ of compost to boost base nutrient levels. Next year we should be able to go light. I’ve planted my ‘cool crops’: Onions, asian cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, fennel. Then I covered all with Grow Guard – a floating row cover that I hope will warm up the earth and protect the young plants. Glad I did ’cause we’ve had hail and punishing rainstorms this past week!

And the fruit trees…this is the Bing cherry, followed by Boskoop apple, and finally one of the pears. So pretty!

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  1. Linda Starr says:

    Hi Fishgirl, here is a link to the place I purchased the olla; I see that they are very thin walled and the ones I had were made from clay with very little grog. Hope this helps. http://spectre.nmsu.edu/media/news2.lasso?i=738

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