Chickens Like Chips

People often ask of our chickens, “What do they eat?”

The answer is “everything”. Well, almost everything. A better question than “What do they eat?” is “What don’t they eat?”.

Oddly enough, our chickens don’t like bananas. And, like human children, they’ll also leave their veggies for last. When given the choice among leftover Chinese food, pizza crusts, crusty lasagna pan, and, say, lettuce, the greens will disappear only after they’ve had their carb gorge. Although they positively love carrot peels, which they slurp up like spaghetti noodles. Lots of fun.

They love butter. And bread. And popcorn. And they do love greens, especially fresh outta the garden.

Chickens also love meat – of all kinds. That’s why it really irks me to see eggs advertized as ‘100% vegetarian fed!’, like it’s a disservice to feed chickens animal products. Come on – they’re little omnivorous dinosaurs!

Our chickens also love a wide variety of non-people food, including grubs, worms, ants, flies, grass, weeds, seeds, and what appears to be dirt and wood. Yep. They really go for sawdust. I didn’t say they were real smart.

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