Knock-Knock Who’s There? Chickens!

This weekend, with sunny days in the forecast and time on our hands to babysit, we let the chickens out into the yard. At first they weren’t sure they wanted to, and then just hung out in the ‘jungle’ near their coop, pecking at the underbrush and gobbling down grass. But now they’ve begun to explore. Their favourite spot has been beneath the big rhodie by Scott’s office where there is dirt to scratch, cover overhead, and water dripping from the roof.

However, yesterday they started hanging out on the front stoop. Chirp-chirp chirpy-chirp, I heard from my ‘office’ spot near the front door. I open the door and three chickens look up at me – hi! They’ve taken to pecking apart our doormat. We like to think they have excellent instincts, but unless we have an infestation of fleas in that mat, this behaviour doesn’t make a lot of sense. Plus they poop on the stoop. Ha. I also hear them bing-bing-banging and when I go out to investigate, all three are standing on the metal floor beneath the grill. What’s that about?

When we come out they venture a little farther afield, though sometimes they just want to peck at my sleeve and stand on me. Funny chickens. On nice days we sit out in chairs and watch chicken TV. They’re not doing anything very interesting, and yet it is both amusing and relaxing to watch them poke around, occasionally getting very excited and flunning about (new chicken verb: fly/run), usually from one covered spot to another.

While the chickens flun around, I’m working on building their nesting box and on expanding the garden. Oh, and analyzing data for my next paper.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Busy girl! I like your new word. 🙂

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