Baracka likes Broccoli

…And carrots, and rice, and curds, and whey, and waffles, and cucumbers…

Well, they all do. We save up leftover scraps and offer them the next morning. It’s fascinating to watch them learn new foods and go crazy over familiar ones. Chickens will peck at anything once or twice, but once they know what it is, it’s no longer an accident. The first time I brought out curds (failed attempt to make mozzarella), they didn’t appear interested. Eventually though, the bowl was empty. The next time I screwed up the mozzarella: gobble curds. They also like chicken (gasp). I don’t think this is weird. They’re omnivores and they’re birds. When I last made chicken stock, I gave them the cooked carcass and veggies to pick over. Next day: nothing but bones.

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  1. Countyrep says:

    gosh! i luv your work. i have no words. it’s just perfect for my eyes! i’m not a poarrtit kind of girl but i would definitely ay to have my own. fabulous true aesthetic pleasure.

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