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From Broody Box to Broody Breaker!

Queen Sheba is broody. We were surprised because our previous Australorp never went broody.  But there she sits – protecting the nest box with the most eggs as if they were her own and as if they would hatch.  *Sigh* But … Continue reading

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She takes them outside

Mid-morning I see Little Sister squatting on the ground outside the broody box.  Just squatting.  Presumably, the chicks are tucked beneath her.  Sure enough, after I take some photos, she gets up and 4-day chicks spill out from under her … Continue reading

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Sympathy Brooder

While we were away in Moab, Little Sister got the urge. Upon our return, she could not be removed from the nest box. Day and night she quietly lay there. She had ripped out the feathers on her breast to … Continue reading

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Fuzzballs and the Rockin’ Egg

SO excited to come home and check on the baby chickens.  I was pretty sure Momma was doing a good job, so I only let myself worry a bit. I crouched down and took the video above. OMG so cute.  … Continue reading

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