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Rainwater Cistern Report 2012

[caption id="attachment_1909" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Blanca with southern cistern Blanca with southern cistern[/caption]

In the spring of 2012 we installed three 500-gallon cisterns on our property. For the recap read Starting with Cisterns and Installing Cisterns. The goal of this project was rain water collection for use outdoors.

In the figure below you can see that our water use is typically low in the winter and rises during the summer months as it stops raining and we draw more water for our extensive gardens (grey bars). Continue reading

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Chicken Food Fence Update

The Beta version of the chicken food fence was up by August, but the crops sown in September did not fare well. First, the chickens watched me sow the seeds. Which means they knew something good was going on inside … Continue reading

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The Lesser-Known Spotted Asparagus Beetle

I have been growing asparagus for 4 years. As reported previously, I replanted in 2011 and the current crop is a model of healthy asparagusness. Eager for the first sustainably edible spears, I regularly inspect my plants; pull weeds, note … Continue reading

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Chicken Bumps?

Some of you know our chickens had an Unfortunate Molt a few weeks ago. Someone asked whether that meant they lose all their feathers. Well, yes and no. Moulting occurs about once a year for most hens, usually in the … Continue reading

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