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Hot enough to beard

Very uncharacteristically, it has been hot in Seattle. Really hot. Nearly unheard of in June. Last year the high today was 68 degF, close to the 57-year average of 70 F. Today reached 92 F – and the bees noticed. … Continue reading

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Hive Inspection 101

I look at the bees every day.  I watch them fly about the yard, and I peek into the hive through the observation windows.  A few weeks ago we noticed the first drone bees.  These are males (in contrast to … Continue reading

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Catastrophe! Calamity! Comb Collapse!

The view through the observation windows on our top bar hives isn’t perfect. The combs are, after all, covered in bees (nearly a ‘couch‘, to be precise). Nonetheless, I could see a piece of the pattern that did not fit. … Continue reading

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“A couch of bees”

Our first bee visitor under 4-ft tall was Kinsey Craig. She’s three. She doesn’t know anything about bees, but she likes honey. When we opened the observation windows, she was impressed with how many bees were inside the hive (so … Continue reading

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