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Chicken Proselytizers

(photo from the West Seattle Blog!)

On Sunday, Scott and I volunteered at the Sustainable West Seattle Festival. I think we were the only booth not staffed by a business or nonprofit – just the two of us with our chicken passion. I got a little worried when we arrived to the colourful banners at all the other tables, but we put up a hasty hand-drawn sign, replete with cartoon chicken, and the people came anyhow Continue reading

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Spring in Seattle!

It no longer freezes at night, buds are swelling on our trees, and our chicken Baracka wants to mate. Spring has arrived. For my part, I frantically plant seeds that my books tell me I could have planted last month, some outdoors, some in. Two weeks ago I planted tomato seeds from 2008 in egg cartons in the kitchen windows. I also started other longer season crops like onions, peppers, and eggplant (yes, I may be dreaming). Continue reading

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Brave New Food

I’ve never been keen on the idea but now I’ve decided: GM foods are scary. Currently, most genetically-modified (GM) food is corn and soybeans. Sure, there are other foods that have been GM; tomatoes, potatoes, papaya, cotton, squash, and beets, … Continue reading

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Cold and Slow at BBC

So, it’s cold out here at the BBC Research Station. Days like this, when it rains (ad infinitum), the chill never leaves you, it just builds over the day. I’m grateful for the little heated room where I can eat … Continue reading

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