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Chicken Hunter

I have heard that chickens will attack and eat smaller vertebrates. Snakes most impressively, mice most commonly. We finally get to see how our chickens take care of their own vermin problems!

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Ladybug Rescue

We all know what ladybugs (aka lady beetles) look like. Many of us gardener types also know that they are voracious predators of aphids – fascinating little sap-sucking pests of tender young plants and fruit trees. This spring our Italian … Continue reading

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Keeping the Buzz Down

I am talking about flies. Fat black flies that emerge from moist chicken poop. The first year we had chickens, they ranged freely throughout our yard. Their freely dropped pooplets bred flies. Flies are annoying. And in sufficient numbers, flies … Continue reading

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The Lesser-Known Spotted Asparagus Beetle

I have been growing asparagus for 4 years. As reported previously, I replanted in 2011 and the current crop is a model of healthy asparagusness. Eager for the first sustainably edible spears, I regularly inspect my plants; pull weeds, note … Continue reading

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