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Putting Up the Harvest

[caption id="attachment_1715" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Canned Goods Home Harvest Tomatoes, Dilly Beans, Peaches, Pesto[/caption]
As summer wanes, I am buoyed by the harvest – so beautiful and so productive. This week is tomatoes and peaches (purchased in eastern WA), dilly beans, and pesto.

Last year my sweetie gifted me a comprehensive guide to preserving food; ‘Keeping the Harvest’ by Chioffi & Mead. I have a variety of how-tos, but… Continue reading

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Put a cork in it

This spring our Meyer lemon tree needed replanting.  I have been saving corks for several years now; my big plan is to insulate Scott’s office wall – if I ever accumulate enough. However, when I saw this idea in an … Continue reading

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Freezing Blackberries

Here is a simple recipe to work from: 1 banana 1/2 OJ 1/2 yoghurt splash of milk up to 1/2 c frozen berries Blend at high speed until desired consistency. You may want to add ice if you like it … Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon with Preserved Lemons

I love me some wild salmon; indicators of healthy ecosystems, beautiful, nutritious, and, did I not mention – tasty.  Wild sockeye is on sale this week at the grocer. Scott brought home a half-trunk piece, gutted but otherwise whole. What … Continue reading

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