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It’s beginning to look a lot like garlic

…cloves on every bulb… (Sing Along!…) Yesterday I dug up the White Rose garlic. I don’t water the garlic well because it is out by the street, beyond the reach of my hose . Resulta: It has been looking rather … Continue reading

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Huevos Grandes

!Tiene huevos ella! Sometimes it happens – two yolks are captured in the same egg. This week Greta, who lays the largest eggs anyhow, laid ‘The Big One’. This egg was so large in my hand that it made me … Continue reading

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I never realized how descriptive the word ‘popcorn’ is until I heard it in Spanish: ‘Pochoclo’. I laughed out loud, saying “Literally, it means ‘pop’ ‘corn’!” Immediately obvious was that ‘popcorn’ does also. Last summer I grew popcorn. Territorial Seed … Continue reading

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Green Mango

I mostly eschew food that travels more than a few hundred miles to my table. Sometimes this is difficult because I want a grapefruit or I want an avocado, and there is one – right there! But I have been … Continue reading

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