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The Lesser-Known Spotted Asparagus Beetle

I have been growing asparagus for 4 years. As reported previously, I replanted in 2011 and the current crop is a model of healthy asparagusness. Eager for the first sustainably edible spears, I regularly inspect my plants; pull weeds, note … Continue reading

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How not to plant seeds

Last month I got lazy.  I put beans in the ground and then waited for it to rain.  Eventually it did.  Then I waited for the bean plants to emerge.  This should take 10-14 days.  Mine took longer and germination … Continue reading

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Chickens on the Loose

Baracka ‘helping’ to level the soil Our rogue chickens have been free-ranging for a couple of months now. Destruction of ‘our’ part of the yard is progressing nicely. Whatever — better luck next winter. Despite the scratching to smithereens of … Continue reading

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Stink Bug Love

Stink bugs make love on my raspberries. Seriously. I can’t fault them – if I was their size, I would, too – my berries are plump and attractive. Continue reading

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