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Hanging with our peeps

Like babies all over the world, chicks go to bed early. Whereas the big chickens hit the roost around dusk, the babies are in bed with momma by 5pm. For us it’s a great opportunity to hang out with them … Continue reading

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How many legs does a momma hen have?

Raising chicks sans hen, you keep them very warm with a heat lamp or incandescent bulb. Guidelines are 95 degF the first week and dropping 5 degrees per week until they are fully feathered or you reach nighttime temperatures. (In … Continue reading

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She did it!

April 19 and 20 the chicks hatched. Super Friend Kelly D was on-site to assist while we were biking in Moab, UT (that’s what happens when you purchase eggs, stick them under your broody hen, but do not count ahead … Continue reading

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Is 12 too many?

I told Farmer Bradley ‘a mixed dozen’, for no good reason. Maybe I was being greedy – so many breeds! When I sat Calamity Jane down upon her fertile eggs Tuesday, it finally occurred to me that 12 might be … Continue reading

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