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She takes them outside

Mid-morning I see Little Sister squatting on the ground outside the broody box.  Just squatting.  Presumably, the chicks are tucked beneath her.  Sure enough, after I take some photos, she gets up and 4-day chicks spill out from under her … Continue reading

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Scratch & Peck 101

It is cool today. The chicks are 48-h old. Momma is up out of the nest box teaching her chicks how to make their living. Lesson one: Scratch and Peck. Unfortunately, the spot she has chosen is exceedingly muddy and … Continue reading

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The sun born over and over

Cliche as it is, I present you with the Circle of Life (can you hear Sir Elton John?) After 21 days of diligent brooding, Little Sister hatched three chicks on May 25. Three wee damp fuzzballs so small they sit … Continue reading

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Little peeps with little peeps

I have been fortunate to share our baby chickens with young family and friends who come to visit. They want to know if they can pet the baby chickens. “If you can catch them”, I tell them. Hen-raised chicks are … Continue reading

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